Practise is Learning but Learning is not necessarily Practice

The ideal way of learning in general is ensured through practice, action and participation 🤚 and not just through classroom education 📝

This is exactly what our immersive technologies offer:

☑ the possibility of hands-on, real-life experience, resulting from Mativision’s right design and development of Bespoke Immersive (VR) applications for use in H&S, Onboarding, Training, Evaluation.

Saving time and resources→

🕛 2 hours for conventional classroom training, could take as little as 30 minutes using VR.

📉 Latest research shows that we are dealing with -48% cost reduction in employee training.

↪ ↩ VR headsets can be used a lot of times on different employees for multiple iterations of education, training and practical applications that would otherwise require extensive use of media and human capital. Our last case study at Brinks Hellas showed that with just 4 VR Headsets, Brinks onboards up to 500 recruits per year.

✈ All employees are able to get to fully know all the facilities and the related risks-procedures, without requiring travel or other repeated expenses.

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