Level Up

Establish the foundational components of the people-management process


A successful business transformation needs to affect an organization’s people, processes, strategy, structure, culture and technology in order to be effective. By establishing the foundational components of the people-management process, we accelerate every aspect of your business performance for growth.

We coordinate with your existing purposes and values while standardizing your culture through effective Management.

Employer Branding

Employees become your company ambassadors

  • Protection of reputation management

  • Concrete identity

  • Strategy of activities to align internal & external activation

  • Enhancement of commitment & engagement


Corporate strategy for a shared, engaging vision

Handbook & Policies
Internal Comms
Knowledge Corner

Strategic Workforce Planning

Where you are today
Where you need to be in 3 years

Strategic Workforce Planning
Enables understanding
of the people we have vs.
the people we need and
then make the right investments in the
right capability areas
Talent Analytics
Describes and predicts what drives
the workforce outcomes
(turnover, promos, performance etc.)
that in turn drive our business
Workforce Optimization
Determines if we’re optimising in
our people investment and ensuring
our investments are driving desired
outcomes (rev growth, mkt share,
portfolio expansion etc.)

Talent Sustainability Strategy

Perfomance Management Cycle


From preparing the first week to the 100 days assessment, we can develop a process that fits your needs.

Analytics for Diversity & Inclusion

Not just another box for us. Measure your DEI performance to set appropriate goals, manage risk, create efficient projects, show D&I accomplishments to stakeholders, and engage your workforce for better business outcomes.

Total Rewards and Remuneration

Total Reward focuses on employee compensation and benefits policy-making. While compensation and benefits are tangible, there are intangible rewards such as recognition, work-life balance and development. The right combination of Total Rewards brings engagement and cost efficiency.

Audit preparation and Risk management

Develop your internal HR documents and audit proof policies. Our HR audit looks at your organization’s HR policies, practices, procedures and strategies to protect you. We establish best practices and identify opportunities for improvement to achieve the short and long – term business goals & organizational strategy.​

Engagement & Performance

From Objective setting to Performance Appraisal Systems and KPIs.

HR Metrics

We leverage the power of data to help you make decisions that drive a better outcome. HR metrics feed into HR analytics, and together pave a road towards potential solutions. ​

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