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Set your staff up for success by helping them learn to relax and manage tension, with robust wellness programs and approaches that promote healthy behaviors at work and at home.

Employees who can deal with stress effectively are proven to be among the best team members.


Companies with engaged employees are always more profitable.

For every € invested in wellness – $2.71 return by way of increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and reduced healthcare cost (HBR)


Stress is not the enemy of high performance

Intermittent Recovery is the answer


Nutrition & excersise for performance

Managing physical energy through nutrition and exercise helps improve concentration and cognitive performance

Setup your Wellbeing triple action corporate program

We help you build company wide, team-based and personalized wellness programs. Managing physical energy through nutrition and exercise helps improve concentration and cognitive performance. 

We can create safe, inclusive and engaging working environments by guaranteeing that every one of your employees has equal access to our wellness program. We provide necessary adjustments to the Wellbeing program for persons with disabilities and employees who are unable to partake in particular wellness activities because of their age, pregnancy, or other circumstances, after consultation with doctors and wellness professionals. 

Contests for Social Connectivity and Fun, Keeping Health Engagement Score and Prize Points!

My Health Care

Coaching On Demand 

Let your employees know you recognize the stressful times and are willing to help out by prioritizing mindfulness in the workplace. With our 30 minute online coaching programs, your employees can choose their coach.

  • Knowledge corner for resources that help individuals, teams & organizations build thriving lives. 
  • Incentive and Reward Management to Further Up motivation
  • On the spot Wellness Relaxation Programs through immersive technology (VR), powered by Mativision
Physical Comfort
Auditory Comfort
Visual Comfort
Thermal Comfort
Olfactory Comfort
Post Occupancy
Physical Fitness
Active Design
Active Design
& Benefit
Environmental Wellbeing
Air Quality
Water Quality
Chemical Control
Cleanliness &
Cognitive Wellbeing
Types of Spaces
Flexibility & Flow of
Primary Workspaces
Technology & Equipment
Emotional Wellbeing
Biophillic Design
Art & Design Elements
for Pleasure
Chemical Control
Personalization &
Social Wellbeing
Social Connectivity
Physical Nourishment
Healthy Food & Hydration
Health / Conscious Eating
Habits & Behaviours
Healthy Food

Seven dimensions of workplace wellbeing

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