Virtual Reality in HR

Your Onboarding, Training, Reskilling and Wellbeing with Virtual Reality.


As Further Up, we are deeply proud to have developed a groundbreaking series of VR and AR practices to reimagine and uplift the whole employee experience.

In collaboration with Mativision, a leading Content and Simulation Developing Company in the VR and ΑR sector worldwide, we apply innovative and unique Virtual Technology for the Hire to Retire journey, being the first HR company to introduce these next generation tools to our Greek partners.

Accelerate efficiency, engagement, and employer branding through VR programs that address Onboarding, Health & Safety, Employee Training, Internal & External processes.

What do immersive technologies in HR offer?

VR headsets can be used a lot of times

Virtual reality equipment can be used a lot of times on different employees for multiple iterations of education, training and practical applications that would otherwise require extensive use of media and human capital. Our last case study at Brinks Hellas showed that with just 4 VR Headsets, Brinks onboards up to 500 recruits per year.

Our VR Clients

“Immersive training exploiting VR and AR takes employee training to the next level and has already proved significantly higher success rates. But for any immersive application in HR to be effective, it is important to choose the right partners, with proven knowledge and experience in both fields. Combining Further Up’s expertise in HR processes and Mativision’s long experience in immersive applications is the best guarantee that the outcome will offer optimal performance and will maximise benefits for our clients.”

Antony Karydis, Founder & CEO of Mativison Limited

HR gets immersive!

“The term ‘Immersiveness’ (or otherwise ‘Immersion’) means that we are “transported” into a digital environment, a digital reality, allowing us to interact within it, as we would in real life. This digital reality allows us to create simulations of scenarios (real-life or not), get informed, trained, be evaluated, follow, and take part in collaborative environments. To achieve immersion the technologies of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are used.”

Read Joanna Tzima’s interview, where the Head of Production at Mativision talks about immersive technologies in HR, in one of our newsletter issues dedicated to immersiveness